Your 2017 Favourites!

2017 Memories & Our Colours of the Year!

Prepare to take in your last few moments of 2017 as it comes to an end...and what a successful year, too!

As we reminisce on the year we're saying goodbye to, we think about:

The paradise of the Utopia Collection, where Jazz (metaphorically of course!) travelled to some of the most beautiful parts of the world: she danced in Dubai, made memories in Miami, baked in the Bora Bora sun and tasted the culture of Thailand.

We think about the luxurious Opulence Collection - the sweet wine of Bordeaux, twinkling in the Riviere, covered in Rosa and making the world your Oyster!

Along with our stunning new collections, we released our amazing tiny Bee Bar sample, which allows anyone to test for themselves, the brilliance of the Beeswax.

Finally - we released a little bit of magic in our new Forces Glitter Collection. 6 stunning multi-sized shades to choose from - Lava, a holographic red suitable for some seriously classy nails or makeup, Purple Rain, to make you feel royal: from your head to your toes, Silver Linings, a true silver - perfect enough to match your nails to your rings, Volcano, a gold based multi-coloured holographic sure to match any outfit, Storm, a holographic match to the British winter for the edgier nail look or Skyfall, a white diamond to make you feel worth a million!

Don't forget: all of our glitters (including our existing Glitter Dust & Pigment range) are cosmetic grade! This means they can not only be used on nails or art, but can also be used for makeup, too!

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

Our 2017 Top Sellers!

With a wide range of colours to choose form, it was obvious that each and every one of these shades would fit any mood you're in.


In fifth place, we have Flapper Girl, a true pillar box red for the most classic red nails.


In fourth place, we have Fit For Royals, a gold shimmer metallic, most suited for a night out.


In third place, we have Chloe's, she is Stunning in Stilettos with her multi-sized holographic purple glitter.


In second place, we have Pixie Whispers, a nude perfect for any occasion.


drum roll please


This shade is a timeless berry - dress up a simple look with this colour, or use with a glitter for a real glitz look!

That's a wrap, folks!

See you in 2018.

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